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p>The full collection of Piero Fornasetti is available including Adam and Eve 12 plates set, in both gold or black and white. Fornasetti plates, Fornasetti ceramics, Fornasetti glass, Fornasetti fabrics, Fornasetti pillows, Fornasetti clocks, Fornasetti accessories, Fornasetti screens, Fornasetti furniture, Fornasetti curtains, Fornasetti trimmings, Fornasetti lamps. All Fornasetti products are originals made by Fornasetti Milano or Luciano Marcato fabrics.

A substantial amount of Fornasetti plates, Fornasetti ceramics, Fornasetti clocks, Fornasetti glass, Fornasetti furniture and accessories are in stock and can be shipped immediately by Priority Mail or International Priority Mail (abroad). Most of Fornasetti products not in stock can be delivered in 6/8 weeks. 

PALAZZETT@AOL.COM   631-722-3733

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fornasetti plates T&V fornasetti plates T&V
fornasetti porcelain and plates fornasetti porcelain and plates
fornasetti glass fornasetti glass
fornasetti accessories fornasetti accessories
fornasetti clocks fornasetti clocks
fornasetti pillows fornasetti pillows
fornasetti screens fornasetti screens
fornasetti furniture fornasetti furniture
fornasetti chairs stools fornasetti chairs stools
fornasetti lamps fornasetti lamps
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